Pandora's Box

Someone’s Playing the Piano …

“The Ides of March” Series … Prompt #26 – “Someone’s playing the piano”

Someone’s playing the piano … and immediately, peace rushes over my tired & stressed brain.

How often have I said that I’d like to just hire someone to play the piano for me? Nothing else is quite the soothing balm to my soul as the melodies of piano keys. Maybe it’s growing up with it always in our house … maybe it’s that music speaks to me like nothing else can … maybe it’s that I’m thirsting for beautiful art and piano music is that splash of waterfall upon an artistically barren place.

My favorite thing at Eastern? When someone started playing the piano in the Pub. Through all the noise and the chatter, those sweetly simplistic notes would cut straight to my heart, and I found peace in the midst of all school’s stress. And in fact, no matter how many times someone would play “River Flows in You” by Yiruma, it would still always bring a smile to my face. It’s now the musical symbol that represents my first year at Eastern – all those lunches spent sitting and laughing with such a jolly group of friends, all those wonderful theater classes, all those times sitting and doing homework in between classes, HERDs, figuring out schedule plans for the next two years, walking across campus for the first few times, learning the place I’d come to love so dearly. And of course, all the piano players who would fill the world with their peace called piano music.

So play on, my talented friends. Bring the world a waterfall of fresh delight. Bring worlds alive with your melodies. And if you ever feel like it, you can bring peace to my stressed-out brain. I will love you for always if you do.

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