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A Letter to Myself … from Five Summers Ago

Guess what I discovered today? A letter in my desk written on September 19, 2011, addressed as such: “Letter to Lydia from Lydia to be opened in 5 years – Summer 2016.” It was part of an end-of-summer scavenger hunt I did with Emily, and I had almost forgotten about it. As I read over the words, most of which are reproduced here, a smile came to my face at all the beautiful memories of that summer. It wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty life-changing – and I can’t believe it was already five years ago. So here it is:

Dear Lyddie Lee,

Never forget this summer. Five years from now, looking back, it might be tempting to remember just the Golden Summer of 2010 … and forget the problems that Summer 2011 brought. But in the midst of all the difficulties came some of the most beautiful lessons and memories … and don’t ever forget them.

Yes, there were a few problems with our camps, somewhat spoiling their total joy for me … yes, there was the terrifying incident at that one camp … yes, there were unexpected “conditions” at the RushHour camp in Sochi – but REMEMBER:

– The joy of getting to serve in helping to lead worship at church.

– HYPE Retreat – feet-washing with Katie, car breaking down & seeing God work marvelously, talks with Katie in the car, SUNSHINE and DAISIES!

– HYPE Conference – being so affirmed in my role as HYPE Adviser, my conversation with Paul Russell & inspiration & dreams for the future, the car ride home with Josh, Karly & Brittany – so much joy! Praying in the parking lot & crying over my amazing friends – a Bible & a pair of flip flops!

– RUSSIA – being so blessed by the Russians. Relationships built. Worshiping my Abba under the stars or by the Black Sea while the sun rose … Feeling the joy of sharing my faith … Learning to trust God more deeply.

– Being taught the amazing love of God and His romancing my heart.

– Discovering Ann Voskamp & her daily beauties.

– Being overwhelmed with gifts – sunflowers, a CHAIR, a milkshake – and discovering that gifts are my love language.

– Getting to be in Show-in-a-Week “Newsies” and dancing!

– Making Nutella pizza with best friends.

So remember. Even when times are hard, pause to look for the miracle, make memories on purpose and never doubt that God has a reason for all He brings into our lives. I wonder where I’ll be reading this Summer of 2016? Wherever it may be, may I be loving God more deeply, knowing Him more intimately, and serving Him with more abandon. He’s got my life story planned out … may I just walk with Him in obedience.

❤ Me

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