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Five Current Beauties

30-Day Writing Challenge

Day 12: Write about 5 blessings in your life

When you have a life that is filled with blessings, how do you stop and pick out just 5 to talk about? Do I go with big, overarching blessings? Do I go with spiritual blessings? Physical blessings? Do I choose the small, overlooked blessings? Do I speak of the blessings of today – or of the past five years?

Maybe – a little of each. For I will never be done giving praise to my Savior for all He has given me, but I must start somewhere, so here’s one of each for the above categories.

A big, overarching blessing: Health
I have done nothing in particular to gain any of these blessings, and I know they are all undeserved. But the fact that I wake up every day, can use all of my limbs and my mind freely, and don’t suffer from chronic pain is a blessing I most certainly must be thankful for.

Especially when I know it won’t last forever, and there will someday be a health problem that I struggle with (apart from the fact that garlic, raw onions, and coffee give me stomach problems!). For today, I count my relatively healthy body as one of the greatest blessings I could ask for.

A spiritual blessing: Truth revealed to a wayward heart
It seems like I need to learn some lessons over and over again – pretty much every day. The fact that God is gracious and faithful to keep revealing that needed truth to my heart is a blessing worth all of the others.

I’m so grateful for the Word of God – daily food that gives life to my soul. I’m grateful for a church that teaches truth in an expository manner – for pastors who give reminders of truth consistently in their messages – and for friends and family members who speak truth to my weary soul again and again.

There is such life-giving manna in truth revealed, and God continues to be faithful in this way no matter what.

A physical blessing: Food – and tea
God didn’t have to make food delicious. But I’m so grateful He did. Especially at restaurants like Twigs where the dishes never disappoint or at places like Blaze pizza who quickly give you your favorite pizza to enjoy on a Friday night accompanied with “The Office.”

Tea is also one of my greatest comforts in life (in case you hadn’t noticed), and I’m so grateful for the warmth it brings as well as its calming effect. These are the daily blessings which make life enjoyable – and for that I am glad.

A small, overlooked blessing: The shine of the Christmas lights in an otherwise dark room
It never ceases to thrill my heart – when all other lights are off and just the Christmas tree glows its warm beauty. I could gaze on it for hours … its reminder of the Light of the World who came to light up all of our dark places with the promise of a forever home with Him.

Christmas in general is simply my favorite time of year, and the tree all decorated with its packages underneath still gives my joy like a child. And the older I get, the more I realize that it isn’t the traditions themselves that hold all the joy – but the One that they point to who brings the joy. Were it not for Him, everything else would have no meaning.

A blessing of today (and the past 5 years): Our church – more specifically the people within
It has grown ever more dear to me the closer I become with all the people who make up the body of Christ within. Sitting with them during the church service, worshipping with them, praying with them, and then going out to lunch with three girls who make me laugh so hard – I can’t think of a more beautiful place to belong.

I’m so grateful to the people there who have taken me in, welcomed & accepted me, inspired and encouraged me, and helped me understand the truths of Christ more deeply than I ever have before. This is what God intended His church to be like.

I could keep on counting blessings for days – and in fact, I do. And always, always, my heart must turn from the blessing to the blessing-Giver – for He alone gives satisfaction when even the blessings fail to bring joy. In Him alone do I find my strength and delight.

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