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The Divine and Dreadful Death


Holy Week Reflections, Day 5

“The Divine and Dreadful Death” – based on Luke 22-23

Torchlight gleamed in the garden,

A disciple came forward

With the kiss of a traitor,

Ignoring the Messiah’s reproach.


Bonfire light shone in the courtyard,

Another disciple shook his head,

Denying three times his Savior,

Till one look from Him caused hot tears of regret.


Sunrise light illuminated the palace,

Leaders argued and paced,

Crowds shouted and mocked,

The King of the Jews stood silent.


Daylight began to fade

As Simon took up the cross of Christ.

The women followed and wept

As nails were driven into His hands and feet.


Sunlight was no more

As the Light of the World

Was slain before scoffers

And tortured between thieves.


Darkness gripped the land

As it mourned the sinless man

Dying for sinful men –

The perfect exchange.


And the light seemed to die

Among all His weeping followers,

Clinging to one another,

Watching from afar,

Longing for the story

To end another way.


Little did they know

That in order for their stories

To have a different ending,

His story had to have the most dreadful death.


And little did they know

That that dreadful death

Was not the ending –

Because a divine plot twist

Awaited them three days later.


Photo by Samuel McGarrigle on Unsplash

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