Death · Family · Grieving

Don’t Wait Till Tomorrow

dont wait

Don’t wait till tomorrow

To spend the evening with your dad

Or hug your mom one more time

Or play one more game with your family.


Don’t wait to record their voices,

Take pictures of random moments,

Listen to that childhood story again,

Or burn their memory in your heart.


Don’t rush on with your busy life,

With your myriad of excuses,

With your overcommitted schedule,

With your next appointment –


And forget who is most important

And what is most important –

What you’ll cling to when they’re gone

And what you’ll remember forever.


Don’t wait to show them love

And say it, too.

Don’t wait to build the relationship

And be there for them no matter what.


Don’t wait to say you’re sorry

Or resolve a conflict

Or embrace humility

Or say what needs to be said.


Don’t wait.


Because you never know

When this will be the last time,

And you’ll wish you had

Just one more day with them.


Don’t wait.


Love with abandon,

And be so good at making memories

That they will fill you with comfort

When they are gone from your side.


Don’t wait.


Photo by James Hose Jr on Unsplash.

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