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Just Think of the Possibilities


For a few moments,

Let’s not think about

What’s been taken,

And what is not,

And what is achingly lost.


For a few moments,

Let’s think about

What’s been given,

And what could be,

And what we can work to restore.


Let’s think about dreaming again.

About planning a trip

To a far-off place –

Getting excited about

Foreign currency,


Train rides,

And menus in different languages.


Let’s think about goals

That seem big and wild.

Things that seem impossible

Until they’re done –

Like moving to a new place

And falling in love with it,

Getting a book published,

Starting a new relationship

And pursuing love,

Making something with our hands,

And stretching ourselves to new heights.


Let’s think about

Embracing a life quietly lived here

With small goals –

Like inviting the neighbors for dinner,

Lingering in the dusk lit with lanterns,

Exploring a new path in the woods,

Reading a book in a new spot,

Or being spontaneous with friends.


Let’s think about what letting go

Would look like.

Letting go of anger and judgment

Towards those with whom we disagree.

Letting go of a media-controlled life.

Letting go of fear and shame and toxicity.


Embracing courage and compassion and curiosity.

Finding vulnerability and authenticity

In deep conversations with people.

Escaping from being petty and rude online

To being real and refreshing in person.


Our lives in quarantine

Have caved in on themselves.

Seems like our only lifeline

To the outside world has been

Our phones, social media, and the Internet.


Our own opinions have become

The most important.

We’ve forgotten how to interact

With real humans

On the other side of the screens.


We’ve lost the art

Of loving and living with people

That rises above divisive issues

And runs to their hearts

To bring them to Jesus.


We’ve forgotten about possibilities

And only focused,


On the darkness all around us.


But lift your eyes, weary friend,

To the light rising

At the other end of this valley.


It’s glorious in all it promises –

Because it whispers of hope

Beyond this world.


And if we know what’s coming,

It can give us the courage

To reach for the possibilities

All around us.


They are there.


We just have to start seeing them again.


I’ll light your flame again

If you’ll light mine back

When the winds of despair

Blow it out.


And together,

We can fan the feeble flickering

Of dimmed hope

Into a roaring fire

Of joyful living once again.


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.

One thought on “Just Think of the Possibilities

  1. Well said; I especially appreciate the hopefulness of your concluding stanzas. As a writer I’ve struggled with expressing my feelings and thoughts on the current events of our time. Your words help me to recenter my thoughts and feelings; not unlike r.eading a psalm when in need of spiritual succor.


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